Friday, December 14, 2007

Working, Debt and the Home

I think when you work inside the home, there is more to do than if you work outside the home. Now, let me clarify myself. When I get up my wheels are turning, when I go to bed my wheels are turning. Perhaps (and No I absolutely do not want to) if I worked outside of it I would not see every little thing that needs to be done and think of a million others as well. I would think about getting up and going to work and probably not so much inside the home.

No matter how stressed, busy or whatever I am, I would not ever change my life. I LOVE it! I have a wonderful hubby that works his hands to the bone everyday to make sure that our boys and I have what we need and doesn't want me to have to work.

We are 32 and 31 and we own our home (it is 5 years old) outright. I drive a 2006 Dodge Durango and he has a 1999 Chevy pick-up. They are paid for as well. We owe less than $6000 to debtors (mainly from our twins' births). We have paid $28,000 out of pocket. That is NOT a lot compared to the total of $1.25 million. Yes, praise God insurance paid for the rest. Okay, now back to the subject at hand.........

We do NOT use credit at all. We did not pay for our home and Durango all by ourselves (thank you Mother and Daddy!) however, we work hard and it pays off. We are quite blessed. We are working hard to finish paying off our debts.

I will go back to work this summer on the farm (where we live) fulltime. The boys and my Mother's helper with me though. It is only seasonal. Then my mix business starts up in the fall. I do this out of my home. I get to be with my boys all of the time and would not change it!

I also make contributions by shopping smart. That is for another post.

Enough for now. I'll save the rest for another. Have a blessed Friday!


Mrs. Darling said...

Great post.

We too own our home outright but we've been here for 25 years! We are totally debt free. We drive a 1997 Expedition that we bought brand new in 96. We paid cash for it. I also drive a 1993 Honda Accord that we own in full. Sure the cars are old but they are in good shape and we no man anything. Its a good position to be in.

I dont know if you're interested or not but I have frugality posts on my blog that you can access by clicking on the label frugality or by entering into search on my site.

Marva said...

Our motto is to use it until it is unusable and unfixable. Before the Durango we had a 1997 Tahoe. It had over 214,000 miles on it and the transmission went out along with some other things. Cost was over $5500 for repairs and a new paint job. Much more than it was worth. God worked it all out though.

I read and re-read most all of posts. You are right about not saving money by canning UNLESS you grow the majority of it yourself. I will check these out again to make sure that I have not missed anything. Thank you for stopping by Mrs. Darling!