Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's Monday!

Here's my day:

  1. Call ped. eye dr.

  2. Call ped. denist

  3. Call ped.

  4. Exercise

  5. Laundry

  6. Make tea (sweet iced tea is a staple at or house)

  7. clean out desk drawer

  8. get ready

  9. kiddos to my parents

  10. go to cell phone place

  11. P.O.

  12. CVS

  13. Aldi

  14. Wal-Mart

  15. Cracker Barrel? (please!!!)

Plans have changed since the weekend. Hubby will be getting off early today and my mother's helper will be back on Wednesday. Bulldog and I will get to enjoy a little time to ourselves (buying groceries and the like)! Yippee!

Happy Monday!


Nikki said...

How was your shopping trip today? Mine was great. I really enjoyed it and found some great deals!

Marva said...

No shopping today. We had to take the boys to the dr. Glad you got some good deals!