Friday, December 28, 2007

One more time and other ramblings!

We have one more Christmas gathering tonight. I am zapped. This one is Bulldog's family. It is at 6pm, 30 minutes away. I made a blueberry pie, Santa Fe soup and a veggie tray with dill dip. My mother's helper was here again today thank goodness.

Chunky Monkey had 3 runny diapers and Little Tiger 2. They are ill and have not eaten well or napped well. I will be so glad when all of these teeth come through.

My cell phone is on the brink as well. We also had 2 funnel clouds within 8 miles of us today. all is well and no touchdowns. Praise Jesus!

I did 11 loads of laundry yesterday and 4 today. The boys got lots of new clothes for Christmas, especially much needed pajamas! I am so grateful for that.

We went to the hospital last night to see my mil. She is about the same. The pain is really bad, she cannot stand for anyone barely to touch her. She was released last night. I think the doctor thought about the fact that we are suppose to have Christmas tonight and everyone is finally home. Please continue to pray for her.

Our tree and decorations are still up and will be until Tuesday. I am hitting CVS tomorrow as well as Wal-Mart. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo for their light display and to ride the train. I hope we eat at The Cracker Barrrel.

Sunday is church. The last service there. I am so sad but so happy to start worshipping with at a new place with wonderful Christians. It will be a change of pace though. Going from 40 in attendance to 350 or so. Please pray that the boys have an easy transition.

Monday I am going out of town to do some shopping. The Mother's Helper and the boys are going too. We will hit Target, Bath and Body Works, Walgreens (thank you for the giftcard dear friend!) among some other places. I also need to go to Sam's and Aldi. We'll see how the boys are by then.

Well, I should hurry along and tidy up. I need to finish things up before Bullldog gets home, so we can leave asap. Have a great weekend!



Nikki said...

I'm stuck at home with a sick child this morning. We think she just has a cold. She has a runny nose and is coughing, but she seems fine. Mostly, we don't want her infecting the other children in the nursery.

I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, and my husband has taken the day off. He is going to keep our little girl while I go to my appointment AND do some SHOPPING! Rarely, do I get out without her, and really she's not a problem, but I am looking forward to it. I've got a couple of giftcards to use. I can't wait for the Sunday paper so I can see what kind of sales there are!

Marva said...

What a coincidence! I'm home with the boys too. It is cold and rainy here. The boys' tummies still do not feel very well, so Bulldog has gone to church solo this am.

Hope she feels better soon! Praying for a good report for you tomorrow and have fun! All of us Mommy's need some "off" time every now and then!

Mimi said...

I hope that your little ones are feeling better. I've been busy with my kids, playdates, and my visiting niece.I can honestly say that I never went shopping or anyplace at all without my kids until they started kindergarten, so a mom's time out alone sounds heavenly! I hope that you get some time to rest and rejuvenate.

Marva said...

Thanks Mimi! Have a great day! We all need a little rest don't we?!