Monday, December 31, 2007

Digusting! Please NO More Poop or Puke!

WARNING!!!!!! Okay, some of you may want to stop now. This is digusting!

The boys have had runny diapers on and off since Christmas night. This past Saturday am I awoke to the smell of YUCK! I got to the nursery and my Little Tiger had taken off his runny and full diaper and throw it along with his pajama bottoms on the carpeted floor. There were piles of poop everywhere in the crib and they had been trampled in. It was caked on his feet, on the wall, the crib, etc. You get the picture. I cleaned and washed and threw out the sheet. I cloroxed and lysoled and YUCK!

As of yesterday (Sunday) at lunch time they had been runny diaper free for 24 hours. Hubby and I thought it would be okay to give them milk. they only drink milk and water. Trying to get them to drink Pedialyte is like trying to give a dog tomato juice. It's a no go. Anyhow, they had a cup of milk each with their lunch. Just a few hours later was the explosions. Yes, I said EXPLOSIONS!! monkey had 7 in 2 hours and Tiger 6 in the same amount of time.

So the sitters came and we took my parents to the church for the viewing of my Daddy's uncle. We came back through town and stopped at our favorite Chinese place. We ate and it was yummy. At least for 3 of us. Hubby was driving and we were maybe 5 minutes from home. Then he said, "I think I'm going to be sick!" He was all in my Durango. He threw up and threw up before he could safely get off the road. It was on my windshield, the floor, the mats, the radio, console, seat, stirring wheel, dash, the running boards, EVERYWHERE!!! He was pitiful. He was covered. The road was covered and it was plain DISGUSTING! Boy did I have a mess to clean up when i got home. Thankfully the sitters stayed while hubby got a shower and I started the clean-up process. His dress pants look like they were bleached, after I laundered them.

So after one runny diaper from Tiger this am I have put a call into the peds office. Hubby is at work and feeling fine, other than sore. And I am still completely grossed out.

Wish me the rest of the week vomit and diarrhea free, please!!! On a side note, it is so hard to see your little children so very sick. They act fine other than the diapers but It is hard to see them go through that.

Hope you all are well!


Mimi said...

Poor Msrva! I remember those days of puke and poop, yuk! The pediatrcian gave us suppositories for the kids. The worst thing for diarrhea is milk, apple juice would be good. I know my kids would not touch pedialyte and the pediatrician said apple juice or even 7UP was just fine. How awful for you that hubby puked, you have the double whammy. I am praying for you and your 3 men that all of this will pass quickly! It's amazing the things a mom does for her family!

Ellie said...

Oh Marva! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Poor little guys. Hugs to you! Ellie

Marva said...

Thanks for the prayers Mimi. We went to the peds office today and they are feeling some better. Cannot have any milk until next week. No juice either. They do not like juice so no problem there. The dr. said to give them Gatorade though. So we'll be trying that tomorrow. Yes and a Mom is an amazing creature, isn't she!?!

Marva said...

Thanks Ellie! I need those hugs!

Nico said...

Oh my goodness Marva, I feel so sorry that you have had such a yucky week! It sounds like you are up to your ears in all things yucky. I hope that everyone is feeling better now.

Marva said...

Thank nico! All things were quite yucky! Hope we are done with the worst of it.