Friday, March 21, 2008

The Beginning (PART 1)

This is how God placed these our two blessings (miracles) in our lives.

Hubby and I were married for 7 years when our twin boys were born. We had tried for most of that time to get pregnant with no success. It actually seemed to make my cycles more irregular and cause me so many more female problems. We saw my ob/gyn and she refered us to their infertility clinic there in house. We met 2 of the most wonderful women (nurses) that took care of everything.
We had my work up the first month. It is actually called a poopy cycle. We learned that I was not producing eggs. When I did produce them they were not being released. We were learning more during the second cycle. That month I started Clomid. Nothing happened that month.
On month three we learned that my Hubby also had an issue. His levels (the semen) were way too high. The actual sperm "could not travel through it".
It was decided on the fourth month that we would have an IUI. The sperm is harvested by the male and then is cleaned and the best are choosen. It is rediluted and placed in the uterus via a very long cathiter. I am AWAKE during this time and it is VERY uncomfortable (and yes I would do it again in a heartbeat!). So after all the bloodwork, transvaginal ultrasounds, my clomid (by mouth) and an hcg shot we went in for the procedure.
That morning we had another transvaginal ultrasound. Only 2 days before there were 13-14 eggs. That morning there was only ONE left. We prayed right there with the nurse, a wonderful friend and we decided to go ahead.
It was all GOD. I was working 80-100 hours a week at this point on the farm. I was under tremendous amounts of stress. Usually it takes 3 or 4 tries with the IUI to get pregnant. We did the procedure.
Four weeks later I was anxious. I was 3 days late (nothing out of the ordinary). I was taking pregnancy tests left and right.....all negative. On a Thursday night I took another and it was negative as well. I crawled up in Hubby's lap and we prayed. I asked the Lord for one baby. I told him I would NEVER ask for anything again if he would just give me one baby. On Friday morning I took another test......negative. Friday at lunch I came home. I had one test left, I took it. I was so frustrated, I left it on the bathroom sink and went back to work. Hubby got home from work early and went to the bathroom. He called me and asked if i knew that there was a POSITIVE test on the bathroom sink? Can you say,"praise JESUS"? The next morning I got up and have never felt that kind of sick. I had to go the farmer's market and sale. I had no help and it was bad. I finally got the nurse on the phone and she called meds in. She said I needed to be in the office that Monday morning at 7.
They ran some tests and I was pregnant!! YAYYYY!!!! The doctor's office called me back the next day and asked me to come back in. My numbers were on the high side. They should be around 4,000-5,000. Mine were already 21,000. At 6 1/2 weeks they did another transvaginal ultrasound. She (the nurse) asked how many babies we could handle? Hubby and I just beamed. She said, "here's baby A and his heartbeat and here's baby B and his heartbeat." I was crying from pure joy and shaking so badly. Then silence........... Here's a third sac but there's no heartbeat." There was unbelief. I was so scared.
We went home thinking I would never carry both to term. Less than 10 years earlier I had open heart surgery from rare birth defects. I was immediately put under the care of a cardiologist at that hospital (mine was at another hospital). We did fine and I even worked. then at 12 weeks I started spotting one Saturday morning. To make a long story short, I had a cyst to rupture, BUT all was WELL! Praise the Lord!
We made it on to 26 weeks still working and then I was put on home rest. At 29 weeks I had only gained 15 pounds BUT the babies were growing and doing well. Everything was right on target. However, my ob/gyn thought it was best to go on full bedrest. For the next three weeks the bed became my best friend. At 32 weeks I started swelling. I had gained another 15 pounds (from all of the fluid) in that last 3 weeks. I started having tests run. I also had the pregnancy rash and a severe case at that. My ankles were the size of what my thighs had been. The babies were also putting pressusre on the wires from the open heart surgery. It was so uncomfortable. I loved being pregnant. I wanted to make it so badly to go full term.
We had choosen not to find out the genders of the babies. We wanted that to be a complete surprise. We just wanted healthy babies, it didn't matter what the genders were.
At 32 weeks , 6 days I had gotten up and went to the fridge to get my breakfast. Hubby had packed my cooler by the bedside before he left for work, but my food was left prepared in the fridge. I noticed the coffee table was still dusty from the last housecleaning. I got the Pledge and wiped it as I was walking back to bed. As I was getting up from my stooped postion I felt something water had broke. It was not the big gush you hear of though. It was a steady trickle. My parents got me the hospital an hour away and Hubby met us there. I was examined and told I was as tight as a clam. It would be 2-3 weeks before I delivered. I would be on total bedrest until then, in the hospital. They started antibiotics to counteract any infection. At 2 pm we sent everyone home. At 4pm they took me (and Hubby) to ultrasound. At 5pm I did not feel right, we were on the way back to my hospital room. We got back and I almost fell on my face. Literally (if I had not been on a gernie). My nurse and I went to college together. As a matter of fact I had not seen her in 9 years. One of the last times I had seen her she was donating blood for my open heart surgery!!! God had sent her there!
The monitiors were not picking up any contractions, but I was hurting and BAD! At 5:15 I was dilated a fingertip. The doctor said she would check me after her 6:30pm scheduled c-section. Let's just say that scheduled c-section got bumped for twins..............................



Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing story Marva! I can't wait to read more, it is so full of emotions =) God bless you and your two little miracles. Hope you all have a great day!

mykidsmom said...

Wow- what a great story...can't wait for part 2:)

God is SO good, isn't he?

Marva said...

Thank you Elizabeth! Gos is so awesome. We are blessed beyond belief, as you will continue to find out. Blessings!!!!

Marva said...

Boy oh boy mykidsmom! Yes, ma'ma he is so good and ALL of the time. Blessings!!!