Monday, March 17, 2008

Tornado Damage Pictures

Here are some pictures. We could not get in the worst places. A few homes were leveled. Here are the best ones, as we were in the SUV on the road, going about 30 mph when these were taken.

The tornado could have been far worse. No lives were taken.....praise God for that. The path was 15 miles wide. It seems to just have touched here and there, taking most all power lines and trees with it. Lots of pine trees down and torn all to pieces.

This is tin off of chicken houses. This is tin in the power substation.

Picture to the right bottom used to be another chicken house .

There is almost nothing left of the house in the 2 above pictures. We know the family that lived here. They are all fine and had left minutes before the tornado, to go grocery shopping. This is what they found when they returned. The back of the house is gone.

The picture with the dozier in it, is to scoop up the dead chickens. That is a flattened chicken house. Two of the chicken houses were completely leveled. The other six were totaled out as well. They all had chickens in them. MY in laws live 2 miles away and had chickens in their yard from these houses.

Picture above, the tin was peeled up on one side and laid on the other side.
This use to a barn (picture to left).

This is what use to be a carport.
This house had major damage all around from trees and tornado. Notice the far bottom.....a dish network dish. the picture to the left use to be a greenhouse.
Oh and i any you could possibly give me advice about putting up pics and getting the description beside them, I wojuld greatly appreciate it! The pics come up side by side when I down load them (I want them all on the left side). Then I cannot move them. When I write the description it looks crazy. Sorry about that.......
Blessings on you all!


Mimi said...

How sad. i'll be praying for all of those affected by the tornado. As for the picture captions, I'd go to blogger help and ask them. I'd like to know myself!

Nikki said...

I have trouble with pictures myself, so I cannot help you.

One of the towns near us got a lot of damage from the same storm system Saturday night. We were planning on going there to eat supper, but we changed our mind and went into the nearby city. We are so glad we did!

KyliesMom said...

Tornadoes are horrific things, but I'm happy to read that your loved ones are ok.

As for the photos, I upload my photos to Photobucket, then copy and paste the code that it generates to my blog. Then I type whatever I want underneath the code. HTH.

Southerner said...

I am new to posting also so here is what I do- there may be a better way. I upload all the photos then place my captions between the code for each photo by clicking the curser at the end of the 1st photo code. I then make it space between that and the next photo.

Nico said...

My goodness. I hope that everyone is alright, the tornado damage looks terrible. Praying for all!

mykidsmom said...

It is hard to believe that no one was hurt, considering the amount of damage done- that truly is a blessing. We will be praying for all those who now have to pick up the pieces from all this.

And if you click on the middle of the picture after you load it, you should be able to move it anywhere on your screen. It's a little hard to describe, my hubby had to figure it out for me. Take care.