Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Messy Tuesday

Last night we had winds, rain and lots of thunder and lightening move through. thankfully no tornadoes in our county. It is still drizzling this morning and the temps are falling. The wind is still pretty gusty at times too! Most schools were postponed an hour to two hours this morning due to the fact that there would probably still be tornadic weather this morning. The front came through quicker than the weather men predicted though.

I had an appointment to see the dermatologist this morning but canceled it. It was at 8:30 and seeing as how it is an hour's drive one way to get there and the weather, well, I just didn't go. Monkey has a post op check up at 11:15 with the peds this morning. I am taking both of the boys so the doc can listen to their lungs and do a chest x-ray to check for issues. Since they both had issues with their lungs due to being preemies we have to be very careful. My mother's helper that is the college student is riding along with us today. It is a 45 minute drive one way. Can you tell I live out in the country? Anyhow, if the boys are feeling well enough and we have the time we are going to run by a CVS or two along the way. There are only 4 on the drive!

We went and saw my mil last night and her mind is all but gone. My Mom went with us. She asked Marilyn if she could eat a peach cobbler, if so she would make her one. My mil (Marilyn) said I don't know I have never had it. She has made and eaten peach cobblers all of her life. It is so sad. She now can have morphine as often as every 15 minutes if needed. They give it orally right now. She has to be reminded how to drink from a straw and swallow to drink anything. Same for eating. The nurse seems to think that within 48 hours she will be in a non responsive state (in a coma). Her toes are already bluing from the fact that the message of blood circulating is not getting from the brain. She is very yellow as well. Please pray for her, my husband, my husband's 3 sisters and my father in law. This is so hard on them all.

I hope you all have a blessed day, are warm, dry, stomach's full and healthy. God's blessings to you all...........always!!!!!!!


Nico said...

Praying for you and all of your Family too. I hope that the weather is better soon, and that the boy's appointments go well today too!

Have a great day! Big hugs to all of you.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh thats so sad about your mil. I will pray.

Anonymous said...

Lifting Marilyn and the family in prayer


Mimi said...

Sending prayers for your mil and fil, and your entire family.

Nikki said...

That storm came through here last night, but all we got was some much-needed rain.

I will keep your family, esp. your mil, in my prayers.

Marva said...

Thank you ALL ladies.......the prayers are much appreciated!!!! Blessings!!!!!!