Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Happenings

The weekend was a good one. Saturday morning we awoke to snow and it was so pretty, although it only lasted 2 hours. The sun came out and it was gone quickly.
Hubby was home and did not have to work so I took advantage of it. C.T. and I have been Spring cleaning on and off for a couple of weeks now.
This is what we have accomplished:
Master closet and dressing room: Blinds, window, curtain down, washed and ironed, shelves cleaned, door, lights cleaned and floors done Still like the cabinets (cleaning out)
Master bath: light fixtures, door, flowers and pictures down and cleaned, crown molding, blinds, window, all curtains (washed, ironed and rehung), fancy towels (decorative) washed and rehung, all rugs washed, floors done as well
Master br and retreat: Blinds, doors, windows, curtains, baseboards, crown molding, cleaned pictures and decorative items as well. Still like steaming and shampooing the carpets.
Sitting room/computer room: ceiling fan, curtains, blinds windows, baseboards, crown molding, pictures and decorative items. Still like the carpet.

We modified the nursery into the boy's bedroom. Tiger kept cribbing (I should say falling) out of his crib. We converted his crib into a toddler (daybed type) bed. Went back and childproofed their room again. Put up a new childproof gate. I am checking with a lady on EBay about making some John Deere .things for their room.

We also got a new 32" television at Wal-mart Saturday night. We went with a less expensive model, it was $276.00. It will go into the retreat. We are saving for a larger model for the LR later this Spring. It fits just right and I was happy with the price. We also out out at Pizza Hut and it was so good!!!! We have not eaten there in well over a year!!!

Yesterday (Sunday) church, visited with my in-laws, home, supper, cleaning up and planning the week.

  • Pay water bill
  • wait for UPS
  • make phone calls
  • cook up ground chuck
  • blog/email
  • Get milk
  • got the post office
  • make a broccoli salad
  • do invites for boy's b'day party
  • iron curtains and boy's clothes
  • divide cookies and snacks into baggies for hubby's lunch
  • cook supper
  • unload dw
  • do 5 or 6 loads of laundry

I also want to give a shout out to Southerner for her expert budgeting ideas and my mention. Thanks Southerner!

I also have a friend that just started blogging. Check out her blog at Mom to Twins. We met when I got some books from her on Ebay when I was expecting my twins.

Hope you all have a blessed frugal day! Blessings!!!


Nikki said...

I hope the UPS man comes to your house today -- for HIS sake! He came to my house and brought me some non-maternity jeans that I can wear now!!

Melinda said...

Marva, I am glad you have had a good couple of days. You deserve it! I hope the whole week can go as well for you. Melinda

Mimi said...

It sounds like you're having fun spring cleaning. Did you check Bargain Outfitters for John deere mdse? I know they do have some. The boys room sounds like it's going to be very manly. later!

Nico said...

It sounds like such a busy day, how I wish you were here to help out with my Spring cleaning ;) I hope that the UPS guy gets there soon! Have a great day.

mykidsmom said...

You've been one busy lady- I think that's usual for you though?

And talking about the new toddler bed stage takes me back. A John Deere theme sounds perfect for 2 little guys on a farm (which I envy; well, atleast the land, maybe not the work!). And I hope the UPS guy actually delivers this time- that is truly maddening.

I will check out this new blog. I love meeting people on ebay- many moms use that as an extra income outlet (including myself). It has been a blessing!