Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Edit to PART 3 The NICU

Here are a couple of more things I forgot to add to part 3.

Tiger had an iv to infiltrate in the top of his hand. He has a scar all the way across that part. It is more so on the wrist, put the top part. We saw a plastic surgeon for that for six months. He also had at home physical therapy to help with making his hand mobile.

The boy's had to have caffeine the first 5 days of life to stimulate their hearts. Straight caffeine in an iv. Kind of scary, but necessary.

I'm sure I remember more as time goes on. I will post it here when I do.

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mykidsmom said...

Do you find some of the details are just a blur that you remember occasionally? That's the case with me now, although it HAS been five years since my daughters birth. That could have something to do with it I suppose, although some details I will never forget.