Saturday, March 22, 2008

Labor and Birth (PART 2)

I need to explain first that my ob/gyn has been my doctor for almost 16 years now (since I was 16). I love her dearly and trust her with everything in me. She is a wonderful Christian woman and doctor.
She told us we would have these babies in the next 24 hours. She was more right than you know. At 5:50pm I was a 4. I was in pain, but still no contractions showing up on the monitior. I was having all back labor. The cardiologist came in and said my bp was way too high. Baby A was head down and Baby B was transverse. I would have been allowed to delivery vaginally, except my bp was too high, 190/105 to be exact.

At 6:15 I sent everyone scrambling literally. I kept telling them I was hurting. The doctor checked me and they cleared the OR. I was a little over 8 by then. There was no time for meds. I was rushed to OR and given Nubain to take the edge off. Yeah right!!! Then a spinal (6:25pm). By then Baby A was starting to crown. The cardiologist said no. Keep him there. The nurse was actually pushing him back in. This is all happening way faster than you are reading. They could not get the transverse baby out. He was stiff. He was deprived of oxygen for almost 3 minutes. At 6:34pm he was finally delivered. He was 17 inches and 3#, 10 oz. you know it's bad when they ask if you have a name for him. I got to see him for a moment and kiss him. Exactly 47 seconds later his brother was delivered, crying. That was the most beautiful sound. A relief, since the first one was not. He was 3#, 7 oz. and 16 inches. I kissed him and they were taken to the NICU, witht heir Daddy in tow.

Now, I am going to divulge details. Please do NOT use their names in the future. Please continue to call them Tiger and Monkey after this little tidbit.
We did not have names picked out. We did not know the genders either. We had played around with a few but choosen none offically. My husband is John Gillis. My fil is Hoyle and my Daddy is Marvin. Two weeks before I went in labor my husband came up with John Harvin (after him and both Grandfathers) for the first or only son. For a second son he liked Mason Gillis. Mason after an Aunt that helped raise my hubby.
Now, back to it.............
My Hubby was with the babies and I was not feeling so good. I started asking the doctor what was wrong. She told me that everything was fine and she was working on my uterus to get it to contract. When I saw her up on the side of the table over me working I knew it wasn't good. I had already had a blood tranfusion and they were ordering more. I was given 3 units by now. Then I heard her tell the nurse to get my husband to sign those papers quickly. I was just kind of in and out. Little did I know that I was bleeding out and my husband had just signed for them to save my life and give me a hysterectomy. Before the nurse got back the bleeding was subsiding but my husband did not know this. He was watching the neonatologists trying to save our very sick firstborn. They finally got the uterus to contract and stapled me up. 31 to be exact. I was cut from bone to bone to get Baby B out. I was taken back to my room after a while in recovery.
My parents were there by then and several family members. My husband came back to the room. I knew it was bad, I kept telling everyone that. My exact words were somethings wrong with my baby. Tell me what's wrong! Everyone kept telling me everything was fine. My bp was up, way up and they were trying to keep me calm. I asked to see my babies but I was not doing well. They had to restrain me I was shaking so badly. The spinal was doing a number on me.
Both Grandmothers went with my husband to see the boys. I wanted to see a picture. Hubby showed me one of each. I was groggy and could not see the briuises and come to think of it I don't remember seeing the vent or the wires either. Just two perfect gifts from the Lord.
TO BE CONTINUED...............................


~Babychaser~ said...

Cried through most of this post!... then read the other one. :) Praise the Lord... can't wait for part three!

mykidsmom said...

Wow- I got quite stressed out reading this, can't imagine being there for the real thing!

And did I do a mess-up calling them M & T? I wasn't sure if you meant to not call them that or not?

Marva said...

Thanks babychaser! Blessings!!!

Marva said...

Mykidsmom, it just gets more intense....stay tuned! It also gets more blessed too!

No, please call them Monkey and Tiger. Just not their given names. Blessings!!!!!

Mimi said...

Hi Marva,Someday I'll have to tell you about my twins' birth and my pregnancy. Lots of twists and turns, like you had. But in the end, we have beautiful children to love. God bless you, Mimi