Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saving at the Pig

Around these parts we call The Piggly Wiggly the Pig.

I ran in for a few items that we needed and came home with a cart full.
I would pst pics but by the time i got it set up to take a pic and got my boys situated the groceries would have gone bad. So, please use your visual imagination.......

6 - 1 # bag pict sweet veggies $1-$.50 coupon $3
5lb. bag frozen cinnamon raisin biscuits $3.99 reduced for quick sale
3 # ground round $4.14 reduced for quick sale
baby back pork spareribs 6# $8.29 reduced for quick sale
3 - 1# smoked sausage weiners $.75 each
3 # old fashioned slaw chopped and prepacked $2.97
1 # smoked sausage polsa kieblsa $1.50
3 - 16 oz. Kraft dressing $5 -$.75 coupon
2 Liter Canad Dry Cranberry Gingerale $.59 reduced for quick sale
3 # Golden Delicious apples $2.19
5 # bag of russet potatoes $2.39
gal. milk $3.99
bread $.99
BC butter pecan cake mix $.79
4 Campbell cream soups $.77 each -$.35 coupon
head of lettuce $1.39
3 # bag of lettuce mix $1.59 reduced for quick sale
Celery $1.29
bunch fresh turnip greens $1.50

total after coupons $46.77 and after tax $50.91.

I was tickeld & saved a bunch on the reduced for quick sale (about $25)



Southerner said...

How did the crops do? We got down to 29 last night so I guess you were about the same. Hubbie went to scrimmage baseball game and I had to go get some basic groceries like milk and bread. He ended up sitting in the car behind right field watching from there it was so cold and windy. Poor 8 year old boys standing on base waiting for others to hit. More tonight!

You have a Piggly Wiggly? I haven't been in since I used to visit my grandmaw in Citronelle. Kroger has milk for $2.99 if you have one near you. It's exciting to find manager specials and markdowns- great job.

How are you doing with diet and excercise. I am really serious this time. We looked at the photos they take while you are on a roller coaster and both me and my husband did not know it was me. It looked like a big porky woman. I was really embarrassed. Let me know how I can encourage you through this. We walked a lot- although my hubbie said it wasn't- it was a lot for what I have been doing.

Nico said...

Great savings Marva!

mykidsmom said...

It's always interesting to me to hear about people's local grocery stores, AND their names, LoL.

Aren't the reduced for quick sale items the greatest? I mean as far as the price:)