Saturday, March 15, 2008

Superwoman Has Left the Building

Lingering in God's Presence is the title for my devotion this morning. The verse is from Psalm 37:7, Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon him.

Glory! I needed this so much this morning. I am tired, who wouldn't be? I am only mortal. Last night my husband and I watched the the overtime of the SEC Tournament between Alabama and Mississippi State I was thinking about how short life is. Then the tornado hit the Atlanta where they were playing. So many people's lives were spared last night. How thankful they must be as they awake this morning. I know I do.
I am praising God that the storm and hail that came through close to our home at 2:30 this morning left without leaving behind destruction. I am thankful. He is good and I can get through this. I fall short........a lot of times, but his Grace IS Sufficent! He is Good!

My problem is that I try to carry the load, everyone's and all of the time. I have to do better and give it to HIM. He tells us to give ours cares and worries and burdens and he will carry them! What an awesome God we serve! I am strong........with him, without him I am nothing!

Asfor my mil she is hanging on. Nothing has changed much. When she is semi-alert she screams in pain and is having more hallucinations. She is not eating and at most has consumed about 2 cups of food in the last month. She has no iv's and is on a DNR order. She is taking water by syringe and very little of that. She has been drinking a ounce of Gatorade every few hours or as aften as they can get her to take it. She is combative and incooperative. She tries to get up and does not even know it. It is just a sad situation anyway you look at it.
Please keep praying!

This morning I made homemade blueberry pancakes and they were so yummy. I made about four dozen 4 inch pancakes. There was enough for us, my brother's family, my parents and for my husband to take to his parents (there is also his 2 sisters and a niece and nephew).

Fast forward 1 hr. 40 min. later...............

Just got homefrom my parents. A tornado has hit my husband's parents manufactured home. He was there. There is no power, lots of damage andtrees and power lines everywhere. Praise Jesus, everyone is safe at their residence! There are people trapped in mobile homes close by though........please pray!

I will update as I can. No telephone calls can go through right now, circuits are all busy. Another tornado, same storm has hit the town where we bank and buy groceries and go to CVS. please pray!


Anonymous said...

Praying Marva.....for all. Take care....Ellie

Anonymous said...

praying. We have a few friends in Atlanta right now that was to attend the Kentucky game so praying that all is well in GA, AL

Stay safe Marva and family

Vicki Wheezymom

mykidsmom said...

I hadn't heard about this yet.

We will definitely keep you all in our prayers.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh your poor mil. My heart just goes out to her!

And a tornado? Well Im just glad you are all okay!