Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Morning All!

I am feeling pretty good about things today. I am so excited for the boys. They are going to have a blast at their party tomorrow! Sunday is Easter and God is so good!

Yes, my mil is still in grave condition but I have to keep things as normal as I can for my sons! I have many things on the to do list for today.

My parents are keeping the boys for 2 hours so I can get the details of the party finished up.

Hubby is at his parents again today. He and I talked it over and we are going ahead with the party. He is with his family and I am preparing for tomorrow. I will take supper (2 loaves of garlic cheese bread, seven layer salad -5lb., and spaghetti (7 lb.) up to my in-laws late this evening. My Mom made 2 huge peach cobblers and a caramel cake yesterday for them. I made 7 qt. potato soup and Amish broccoli salad (4lb.) for their supper last night.
I need to be back in time to get my Daddy (and we'll take the boys) to my nephews basketball game.
My friend C.T. is going to help me get the Fellowship Hall decorated in the am so that will be out of the way. Then the party is at 2pm.

Today I need to pick up the cakes, check on balloons, get table clothes, get chips and dip as well as nuts. I also need to get the wash tub for soft drinks and water bottles for tomorrow. Oh and get the key to the fellowship hall from my aunt. Also check the mail as the boys tee shirts to wear tomorrow are not here just yet!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. Also, if the moon comes out tonight I promise you that I am going to get the first part of the boys story posted. Of course, I do have to get it wrote first!;)



mykidsmom said...

Hope your day goes smoothly, and you get everything done:)

Looking forward to your story- take care~

Nico said...

The party sounds like it is going to be so much fun! Enjoy the weekend :)