Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nada, Zero, Zilch

That would be today's energy level! Do you think the fat free frozen vamilla yogurt I ate for breakfast cancels out the 6 Oreo's I had with it? Just curious.........

I have a highlight appointment for my hair today at 1:30pm. Before hand I am going to run to Target and pick up a few things. My parents are watching the boys.....THANK YOU LORD!!!!!

The little ones are quite the hand full these days. The one in the toddler bed will not nap in it and he wakes his brother by not napping. No naps since Saturday!!!!! Lord help me!!! The little one kept rolling out of the toddler bed last night, so I will also be picking up a safety rail today. I have to hurry and get back though. I need to pick up hub's b'day cake from my friend. Thanks for volunteering to make the cake C.T. Then get supper cooked and we have to go the in-law's then back to my parents or they may come over here. My mom is down in her back, but is insistent on keeping the children today.

I also have to get the ground chuck cooked and put in the freezer from not getting it done yesterday and make my list for Target. Oh and get hub's birthday cards. I need a Dollar General for that though.

The UPS made it yesterday. We will not go there, at least not much. I tracked the package around lunch time and it said "in transit". It also said the receiver had MOVED! Also said again deliver to ALTERNATE address. However, the same address was on there!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I call and get to talk to 4 different folks then I'm told that the driver will call me within an hour. IT turned out the terminal manager called 2 hours later and said he could not get in touch with the driver. I then ask him about the computers in the brown truck (Qual Comms). He then asks how I know about them. I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday......most commerical vehicles have them! Duh!!! I could go on and on!! This man had apparently never dealt with an intelligent WHITE woman before. No sterotyping on ANY race intended!

So at 5pm I still do NOT have the package, so I call custoner service. Oh and did I mention that I see the brown truck go down the road (I live on a U.S. highway) back toward Birmingham (where the UPS distribution center is)? So at 5;15pm the driver calls on my cell. Is this Mrs. _____? Yes. Do you live at __________ Orchards? Yes. I'll be there in about 5 minutes. Okay. Oh and Mrs. _______ , I called on your cell because your home phone is disconnected. UHHHHHH! So we hang up. As he is coming up my driveway, I call his cell from my home phone. I tell him that I'm calling from the disconnected phone........that has NEVER been disconnected!!!! I know I am a smart eleck. Just had to do that though! I will NEVER deal with UPS again. Oh and did I mention this......... The terminal manager said that he would be just as glad for me to receive my package as I would. I told him he would not have to worry about my business in the future. He told me that they have companies that only use them to ship. I told him that I did not have to use those companies!

I have got to get the invites done and out today! I need to go and get started! Hope you have a blessed day!


Southerner said...

Glad you finally got your package you intelligent white woman. Don't understand why he would say your phone was disconnected other than trying to make an excuse? Next time you need to make a big poster sign saying UPS deliver package to me here ----> Although it won't be UPS next time I guess.

Hope your day is better- stay out of the oreo bag. You are stress eating. No, the yogurt doesn't cancel out the oreos- just makes the fat gushy. Take good care of yourself. I have pictures in my head- have you seen those cookie jars that when you lift the lid it says, "Get your hand out of the cookie jar!" We need one of those right now.

Man, y'all are young- turning 32. I will be 40 in August. I can hear the mosquito cell ringer that adults aren't supposed to hear so I say I am still young.

Have a good day and enjoy the time without the boys. Oh, I learned that when the kids share a room and you are having trouble with naps to seperate them at naptime and have one in my room or your tv room. If you can do that just for naptime that might help.

Blessings, Me

Nico said...

Thank goodness you finally got your package. I hope that your day is going better :)

mykidsmom said...

Getting my hair highlighted always makes me feel years younger.

And I could never eat cookies for breakfast, it would totally mess me up for the day. But about mid-afternoon I really need a little sugar rush.

And none of my children took naps after they turned 2 years- that doesn't mean I didn't still put them down, but they just stayed awake after that. Hope you have better luck!

IF said...

I think running after twins, who haven't napped since Saturday, cancels out your six oreos for sure!! :) :) Running after 2 year old twins period, cancels out the occasional oreos :) Have you ever had the cookies and cream milkshake at chick-fil-a? yummm.
Iza went one day without napping and I thought I would go crazy! (She was too excited to be back here at grandma's house when we arrive a few weeks ago) She went to bed really early which was nice but still, it maked it hard. It is not that I don't love spending every second with her, I just need that personal time for sanity! I have heard a lot of kids quit napping at this age. I wonder what in the world I will do when Iza quits napping. It will be hard. God bless you! :)