Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buying Frugal Birthday Gifts for Our Boys

We spent about $70 on the boys for their birthday.
Leap Frog Word Factory video $4.99 (on sale from Leap Frog site)
2 John Deere Texture and touch books $5.27 each
2 Leap Frog books for their First leap pads $3.90 each (on sale at Leap Frog site0
2 Magnetic Farm Books $7.27 each
2 Puzzle Farm books $4.48 each
2 Dirt Devil Brooms w/ dustpans $2.88 each
John Deere combine toy $6.99
John Deere gator toy $6.99

We usually spent a little more, but with the party uping the cost we didn't. We had planned on getting them a battery operated Gator they both coulf ride on, then my parents wanted to ge the tractors, so we opted to let them get the big gift for them this year.

How do you shop for your kidds' birthday's? Do you have a budget you go by? Blessings!!!!

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mykidsmom said...

I have to admit that I buy birthday gifts all year long for my kids from the thrift store. You wouldn't believe how many brand-new items I find there at a fraction of the cost.

I have a lego-lover in the family, and I have found multiple lego kits (NIB) just this last year.

Also, (like you) I shop clearance all the time. And last but not least, if I'm going to buy something new I usually head to my local Walmart...which is 30 minutes away...because they really don't like Walmart in this town, and wouldn't let them build here.

PS. I was wondering how the weather went last night? (cropwise)