Friday, March 7, 2008

So MAD!!!!!!!!!!

GRRRRRR!!! I am kind of hot!!! I ordered the boys birthday party supplies including invitations a couple weeks ago. The invites were out of stock and are hard to find. So, I waited and waited. Finally they emailed me Monday and said they were shipping it all out by UPS. I was suppose to receive it yesterday. I took the boys in the stroller to my parents for a nice LONG walk.

While there I see the UPS truck at my house. Keep in mind they have left my stuff at the used car lot next door, my brother's house, my parent's house, my neighbor's house and my parent's business (when it was closed for the winter) before!!!

We do not have our street # up on the highway because it was mowed down last week by the state bush hog. We receive our mail at a PO box as well. He delivered a package to our neighbor (at her business, across the road from my house) after mine yesterday (as a matter of fact if he had asked she could told him where I live. She is buying a house from my parents just up the way, so she knows us all quite well!

HE didn't leave my package!!! GRRRRRR! He did however put in his computer that it was the wrong street number!!!!!! IT WAS NOT!!!!!! It was correct! So I call UPS and they say they have to confirm it. They email me and say it is incorrect. I see the UPS truck at the neighbor's business this am and then he goes to the car lot. He does NOT come here. I am mad!

I call UPS and they say because my PO Box was also listed that it fouled up the delivery. I am really hot by now and then imagine what I wan to say when they tell me it will be Monday before I receive the package! CRAZY!!!!!!!! He does not even have it on the truck!!!! I am told I can pick it up today at the UPS center, am hour and 15 minutes away, if I need it that bad. I am HOT HOT HOT by now. There is nothing that can be done. It will be delivered Monday. I wanted to get the invites mailed out today!!! I will wait....But, I'm still furious!

I know it's petty, but how stupid is that?


Nikki said...

I completely understand. Things like that really burn me up, too.

Nico said...

Oh no, I would be so mad too! I hope that you get your package on Monday.

Mimi said...

It only happens when it's something you need!I hope it worked out for you.

Marva said...

Thanks girls! i am trying to wait patiently!!!