Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stockpiling the Gift Closet

Here's afew pictures of my gift closet........

The very reason I stockpile a gift closet is so I will not have to be out an arm and leg when the need arrives and trust me it will arrive.

I buy gifts all year long, not just for birthdays and such but also for Christmas. I buy new things at yard sales and thrift stores. I also love clearance racks. After Christmas and after Thanksgiving Sales are good places as well.

I am not a crafty person by far, but I make gourmet mixes as a second income so I love to give those. I also do a lot of canning. Those types make wonderful homemade gifts. I get most of my baskets and other fillers at the Dollar Tree and yard sales.

I keep a card box as well. In there you will find birthday, blank, sympathy, anniversary and baby cards. I keep gift wrap and bags for all occasions as well thanks to the Dollar Tree. I recycle gift bags and bows as well by reusuing them.

I love freebies and have received some great ones for gifts. Some (freebies) of what I have given for gifts is books, cd's, stuffed animals and note cards .
I keep on hand at all times:
baby gift (one for boy and one for girl)
crossword books
coloring books and crayons
bath and body products
children's books
gift sets of various types
picture frames
crystal serving dish and/or crystal salt and pepper shakers
stationary sets
I also keep a lot of toys for my boys in there.

I like CVS for their cosmetics, bath and body products as well as their gift sets. Now, I only buy when I have Extra Care bucks, coupons and those products are clearanced or very much on sale.
The Dollar Tree also has great bath and body products. I like the semi-annual sales at Bath & Body Works. I always try and combine store coupons with sale and clearance items.

Some people keep a list of products. I don't, everything is pretty well visible for me in my gift closet. My gift closet is in my master bedroom closet/dressing area. We had the extra space and it just worked for us.

If you have a trunk you could use it for your gift stash or a spare closet, under the bed, etc. Do whatever works for you.

I hope this helps and explains how we stockpile gifts at our house. Stockpiling saves us tons of money and time, you do need a little space though! Many blessings on your journey!


mykidsmom said...

Marva, you're a woman after my own heart. I too have such a stockpile, and it is amazing how much money you can save this way. I work with kids in several different classes at church, and I make it a point to have gifts for them for birthdays and such. And as far as baby showers and birthdays, I couldn't afford to go if I had to run out and buy things "regular" price, plus it's not half the fun as getting a good deal! Every time I read your great deal posts, I have a terrible urge to write one myself...I just might do that soon:)

Mimi said...

I do the same thing. If you wait til the last minute to buy a gift, it never fails that everything you want to buy is super expensive.My kids go to so many bd parties that it's a necessity. Way to go Marva!

Nico said...

I would love to have a gift closet! It looks like it would come in very handy. I'm a last minute shopper, a habit that one day I hope to break. Wait a second, I still have to shop for Easter ;)

Marva said...

You should write one mykidsmom. As a matter of fact, don't stop with just one! Can't wait to read yours!!!! Blessings!!!!!

I love a good stockpile!!

Marva said...

You are right Mimi! Usually super expensive. I love to save time and money by doing this!!!!! Blessings!!!!

Marva said...

You should nico! It's less stress least for me! I never have to worry about finding something at the store last minute! Blessings!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Love your gift closet! I dont stockpile gifts. I do save up on gift bags and tissue paper. Does that count for anything? :)